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230V 0-16Amp AC current control + wasting the energy

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I want to create a 230Vac load with 0 to 16 Amos.

This to simulate grid impact of up to 3700W battery chargers.

As for the load I could charge batteries. But will have to deplete them also. Best just to convert into heat right away.

Load of battery chargers decreases when batteries are getting fuller. Want to simulate this with some type of control signal from max load (16A) down to 1A.

What options could you suggest??


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You could just use heaters or boil kettles, but if you're interested in the impact on the grid then you might want to have the same current waveform characteristics as the charger you're simulating... in which case you might need to build something with similar circuitry to the charger itself.
Do you know how accurately your "simulation" needs to mimic the actual charger? If it needs to be close, how much to you know about the circuitry or the charger of the characteristics of its current draw?
Yes implemented the kettles. That worked OK but never did the exact ampsI was looking for.

Also I need to set the current with 2% accuracy . And I need to be able to decrease the current gradually at the end of the session to 1 amp over one hour Period


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My guess is that as the current draw went up the line voltage went down and as the current draw went down the line voltage went back up. :rolleyes:
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