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2.1 hometheatar to 4.1 surround sound

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hi all of u i am new member to electro tech online, and new to electronics,
and sorry for bad English
i don't like loud and screechy noises from speakers
i have 2.1 home theater for cheap $30, and i surprised when the seller play the demo
its really good sound i ever hear, deep and smooth bass and tone like a honey,
music like a heaven, when i take it my home my and play a movie family and my friends also wonder its sounds like a DTS from 2 small speakers and 1 small sub-woofer,
from 3 years i don't have any complaint from this, and recently i get sub-woofer of and left and right working, i noticed the woofer get shorted,
i just replace the new woofer and i get remarkable marvelous sound again, and i urge to see whats inside the sub, and i open it i surprised again,
i seen inside 6x3ich pcb inside they use 3 TDA2030A HI-FI ic's
i searched on net abt tda2030a lots of good comments on this ic,
cheap and the the the best IC,
i love this TDA series IC's TDA2030a,TDA2040,TDA2050, they all are Hi-Fi.

some guys say if u properly build PCB with them and good power supply
u forget big monster hi power sound systems.,

now i come to thread, i want convert my 2.1 to 4.1 surround with using TDA series ICs for more pleasure of marvelous sound
can any body healp me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:)


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2.1 is just 2 speakers plus a subwoofer. How do you plan to decode the sound? Does your home theater amp have DD5.1 or DTS hardware decoding (the extra decoded audio outputs for side or rear channels) ?


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OK i got u blueroom, now i realize the situation, i have pc with on board realtek HD 2-8 channel audio, is this preamp (decoder)?,
if it is the problem is its have only three port on back MIC,LR stereo, and INPUT.
now what can i do ?, how to extract 4 or 8 channel audio from single stereo jack ?, help me plzzzzz,
if u solve this problem i planed to made 7.1 amp with TDA Hi-Fi series ICs
thax for quick reply,


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ohh its so sad so i want to buy PCI sound card with dolby digital decoder. which card is the best for 5.1 or 7.1 decoding. i hear abt "YAMAHA" is it right for me ?


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Most modern motherboards and soundcards support 5.1 channel audio, if that's all you want to amplify you need to build a bunch of amps no decoding required as it's done with the audio driver.

PS what model of Yamaha sound card are you looking to buy?

Better yet what model of motherboard / soundcard do you have now?
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ohh yaa ofter my last post i read my motherboard manual book
it is 7.1 channel Realtek ALC883 codec,
some images shows how to setup 4,5.1,7.1.
use back three ports as a front, rear, sub. for 5.1
for 7.1 front panel head phone port for side speakers
so now tell me i need PCI card ?
if i don't need PCI card,
take ur own time and tell me how to build 7.1 with some best and effective circuits
if possible using TDA Hi-Fi series plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
i really really thx for quick responding
i am so happy with electro tech online thx agine


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Sounds like you have all the hardware, what is the motherboard make & model number? You'll need good DVD player software that supports DD5.1 outputs.

Your TDA amps datasheet should have the schematic.
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