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1Mhz FM transmitter/receiver VCO/PLL help tips..

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Hi! I'm new here so HEllo..

Here is what I have to do..

I need to make an FM transmitter at 1Mhz using a VCO (4046) with a 240Khz BW with an LF ampli

and for the receiver I need a BW of 150Khz with an RF ampli with a PLL for the demodulation.

So any help, tips, schematic, links.... would be really appreciated!!


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Yeah I did... but didnt find anything really appropriate yet!

Thanks for the reply!

But I dont want to use a crystal.. And it has to be at 1Mhz straight. And the receiver will be at only 3-4meters.


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You don't need to use a crystal if you make an RC oscillator instead.


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hmm ok here is a quick stupid question. I need to replace the function generation by a crystal or a RC oscillator?


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This is a nice circuit... with a quaint hartley(?) vco oscillator in it.

Someone was asking on another thread "is der a way f mking a FM trns mor stabal?" and this does it quite well.

Everything to the left of the varicap is the stabilisation
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