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1500 Watt Transformer FOR SALE

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That does'nt seem to a 1500 Watt transformer. May be 500 VA.
What is the Input Voltage?
Output Voltage, Current?

I think it is a Power Transformer of the Vacuum Days -

Primary Voltage ?

Secondary 250 - 0 - 250
2 x 6.3

Nigel Goodwin

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I agree with Ramussons, it doesn't look like a 1500W transformer, and with no idea of what rating (or indeed even voltages) it might be it's not a very saleable item.


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The physical size is larger than a 1500 microwave oven transformer. I put 6 vac in on 1 winding and wrote down the output voltage on the other windings but have lost my notes. I dont know about other folks but to me the transformer is valuable for a rewind, 200t primary for 120 vac input.
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