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variable power supply

  1. G

    L200 Linear PSU with adjustable output Voltage and Current

    Hi to all. A few days ago, I started thinking to build on my own, a linear power supply able to output 30V 10 A. I chose to use the L200 IC, because I've got some of them and I want to use some components recovered from old boards. I started making the schematic following the application note...
  2. emmsee

    using LTC3780 and ATX PSU to create Variable Lab Supply

    I started out building a Bench PSU (fixed voltages) from an ATX PSU, but have recently watched several videos on the LTC3780 Buck Boost controller and want to now create a variable bench power supply. I watched videos to achieve the variability but using a LM317 voltage regulator. I've seen one...
  3. R

    0-60V 3A Dual Rail Bench Supply

    I'm attempting to build a +/- 0-60V 3A bench power supply using a Large 10 amp transformer out of an old audio amplifier. I got as far as building and testing the rectifier/filter board for +/- 60VDC and then discovered that I can't find any variable supply circuits that will take 60VDC input. I...

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