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  1. M

    UPS drops voltage in battery mode

    Hi there, since this is my first post in this forum, I want to introduce myself first. I am working as a foreign Community Developer and in Disaster relief in the small mountainous country of Lesotho, in southern Africa. I am a qualified electrician, have limited equipment to test onside and...
  2. Vizier87

    Repairing a UPS backup power supply

    Hi guys, It's been a while. Before I actually buy a UPS backup supply, I need some advice and potentially save more than 50 dollars. I found one from a friend (APC ES 500). Naturally, it was already dead. I've hooked it up to the mains and no indicator LED or anything turned on. Dead as a...
  3. M

    Help making mini UPS System

    Hi everyone I have searched for a DIY mini UPS system to connect to a Router, I found this project (the 2nd link) & decided to build it http://electronicseverywhere.blogspot.com.eg/2010/12/mini-ups-system.html simple revised version...
  4. RonaldRandall

    Connecting Inverter Ups with a Solar Panel

    Hi! I may seem a bit dumb here but, please don't be rude. Recently I bought some solar panels for a very cheap rate. I have been thinking to use it at my office. I have this commercial inverter ups system at my office http://www.staticon.ca/product-detail/stativolt-inverter-ups-systems. How can...

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