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  1. K

    Gps or remote control?

    Hello, I discoverd a item taped with Black tape under my car a few days ago. I have tried Google image and I still have No clue what it is. I have a reason to belive it might be a kind of gps but would like to know for sure what it is. Does anyone know what it might be?
  2. X

    RGB Controller - Unknown Chip

    Recently I've been fiddling around with this RGB LED board out of an Illuminated Arcade Joystick. Right now, it has a set of pre-programmed sequences that light up different LED combinations and change the overall RGB colour. This is all controlled by transistors carrying the supply voltage and...
  3. gking53

    ID an IC from the 60's

    Was cleaning out an old chemical plant / lab and found some IC's in an electrical room. Markings on the bottom lead me to believe they are from 68 as this plant ran between the 60's to 2015. Any help IDing them or how to proceed in learning what they do would be much appreciated!
  4. D

    Unknown microcontroller

    Hi! I've a microcontroller board on which the micontroller's identification was sanded and I would like to identify it. The microcontroller's case is a TQFP44 or LQFP44 Analysing the PCB's electrical links, I see that : The crystal, whose rated frequency is 11.0592 MHz, is attached to pins 30...

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