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transformer core

  1. S

    Why is the EI- Core most popular for power transformers?

    Note that the majority of small transformers (single-phase, 100-240V, 50hz/60hz, laminated core) are shell-type, with an EI-shaped core. Yet, as I understand it, they have comparatively poor productivity due to the visibility of much of their surface area; not wire wounds. There is also a lot of...
  2. S

    Why does a transformer transfer power from the primary to the secondary one?

    I'm struggling to keep my mind wrapped around the function of the transformer and, in the process, regretting the days I snooze back in my Electromagnetics class as an EE student when I was a boy:) I'm searching for an abstract explanation, but not just an equivalent one. I want it to be rooted...
  3. Triumph Herald

    Advice to speed up the decay time of an electromagnet when it is turned off please.

    Hello All, I have an electromagnet made from a Microwave oven transformer. I am only using the coil with the thicker wire. I've separated the transformer core into the "E" shaped bit and the "keeper" shaped bit and removed the other coil. When I turn the current off, I would like the attractive...

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