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  1. O

    please help to fix a toy

    I’m trying to fix my niece’s toy vending machine. How it works: Machine trigger neither by fake coin and credit card (the motor push the lever then it hit the stop switch which stop the motor). But when trigger by fake paper money then the motor will keep turning about 4 seconds after the stop...
  2. throbscottle

    Directional sensor?

    I was pondering it would be cool to create a, lets call it a "toy" and suppose it's a bear or a doll or something, which can detect passers by and turn it's head as though it's watching them. Ok maybe it's just creepy. Is there some kind of sensor, or way of making a sensor, which can detect...
  3. E

    toy swiches on, moves 30 s, then auto off. How do I auto switch it back on after 30 seconds.

    Sorry if this is too beginner for this forum, this is my first attempt at designing a solution for an electronics circuit. I have the dancing gopher from Caddy Shack, which switches on from a push toggle button, and runs two 3 volt battery powered electric motors which make the item dance. The...

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