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  2. J

    LED Lights and Timer all Battery Powered - HELP

    good morning, first post... I have a small project that i'm trying to accomplish and i'm am not very good at electronics, so I've come to all of you. Here's my goal; I"m trying to power (2) rolls of LED strip lights for 3 hours a day, solely by battery. The project will run in a display...
  3. H

    Generate the Delay using Timer0 interrupt with Lpc2148

    Hi,All i'm using lpc2148 ;I have generate different hard core delay (as per needed) in my code,but sometimes my code is stucking into hard core delay.So i want to generate delay using timer0 interrupt like i needed millisecond and second and microsecond.So please anyone suggest me...
  4. R

    Newbie needs circuit design help for automotive timer project.

    Hi Guys, I am embarking on a new project to design a circuit for an automatic vehicle signal actuator. Outline of the project is this: The problem. I have a car that has indicators operating on a standard 12v on-off-on toggle switch. As you can imagine this switch gets left on occasionally...
  5. M

    Key tied to two GPIO pins not functioning correctly

    I'm posting this here because it may be more of an electronics issue. Anyways, I have a program which calls the dkey function to try to get a value based on the key pressed. I have three keys. Two are tied to their own GPIO pins and the third key functions exactly the same as the other two...
  6. A

    fire alaram sound using PIC16F886

    I am coding on pIC16F886 IC. I am trying to generate Fire alarm siren with PWMsignal . I have few questions as below. I copied code from Example code My spaker circuit look like this video , I am sending PWM pulses instead of audio Input mosfet circuit I could able to produce based on PWM...
  7. D

    Simple 555 timer with delay after trigger release

    Hello. I am new to this chat, so I hope this is the right forum to post to. I have the idea to use a 555 to build a small triggered timer with an 'after release' delay. I have been google-ing but can not find the right schematic/design that looks to work for me, so I will try this forum :)...
  8. R

    bi-directional soft start for childs electric car

    I've retired from an electro/mechanical test job so now I work on my grand daughters toys(that's what grandpa's do you know :-). I need help with a soft start controller to prevent the jumping that her electric car does when she drives it... at 5 years, she's afraid to use it because of the...
  9. throbscottle

    minute/second timer

    I'd like to make a little programmable timer to countdown minutes and seconds. Doesn't even have to be particularly accurate. I have a 16C57 (bought long ago) I can use and a 16F57 to test on, which I know are ancient but still plenty adequate for this. It needs to (indirectly) drive a...
  10. I

    Timer0 for generating 1 micro second

    Hi, I used the bellow code for generating 1 microsecond in codevision: include <mega32a.h> #include <delay.h> #include <stdbool.h> #include <io.h> #include <stdio.h> static void handleInterrupt(); int i=0; int c=0; int nReceiverInterrupt; unsigned long nReceivedValue = NULL; unsigned int...
  11. Cribey

    4 x manual set timer for pump control

    Hi All, Total Newb here in respects, but have soldered boards before and have an extremely basic understanding of electronics. I am would like to design a pump timer with 4 separate settable pot timers; 1 timer On for X seconds 1 timer On for Y seconds 1 timer On for A seconds 1 timer On for...
  12. U

    Reaction timer

    Hi, I don't have very much experience, and I am more than willing to do the research to complete my project. If I can get some assistance into the right direction I would greatly appropriate it. I'm would like to build a circuit with 5 LEDs that randomly flash for .25 sec to 1 sec +/-. With...
  13. J

    555-4026b-7segment Counter Circuit.

    So. I have started a project on creating circuit that would be able to count money that I could use. The circuit would be able to count from 0-99 A circuit very much similiar to it can be seen here: http://www.circuitsgallery.com/2013/12/4026-digital-counter-circuit.html 1) Onthis link you can...
  14. J

    555 input desense

    I have a small project using a 555 timer in a monostable configuration However, I need an idea on how to block or desense the input signal for a second or so after the timer returns to baseline state My output (a solenoid) generates a transient upon closing that immediately retriggers the input...
  15. A

    timestamp from a microcontroller in millisecond

    I am doing a project in keil uvision. I need to send timestamp from microcontroller (stm32f103rbt6) in Milliseconds to check events using C. I already found a program similar to this n it`s already in seconds n i need to change it from seconds to millisecond. i am new to microcontroller...
  16. D

    12v led turnsignals

    Hello, I searched around the forum, and didn't find anything that would help me with a project that I have going on. I purchased some LED strips that I am going to install on my car. The issue is that they are dual color, white and amber. The white is a running light, and then the amber is the...

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