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temperature sensor

  1. C

    Creating a simple device that tells you when your dishwasher has been run

    Hello -- My daughter is doing an invention fair project in which she aims to create a simple analog device that can magnetically attach to the exterior of a dishwasher and that will contain a light indicating when the dishwasher has been run. This light will go on when the surface temperature...
  2. abouabdelmajid

    battery temperature sensor

    Hi everyone. Can anybody tell me how to make a battery sensor temperature ? i tought about using LM35 and sticking it on the battery so i can figure out the temperature with arduino but it seem not a practical way for me because i think there must be some way to know the temperature by measuring...
  3. E

    LM335 to control 555 timer

    Hey, For my project I am trying to use a LM335Z to control the duty cycle of the output of a 555 timer. So the duty cycle output of the 555 timer is 5 to 95% is this possible? I had tried to use a thermistor to control the 555 timer to get a 5 to 95% duty cycle, with a 50% duty cycle at 25...
  4. H

    *Wiring temp sender to kick fan in?*

    2003 Fiesta 1.25: had problems with the fiesta overheating even though temp gauge says normal temp on dashboard. After box ticking all the usual culprits (relays, fuses, isolating fan to test it works which it does etc) found out it's the ECU ignoring any messages from the temperature sensor...
  5. C

    MCU temperature sensors

    Hello, Generally speaking in regards to MCUs: can the on-board temperature sensor be used for air temperature monitoring, or is the temp sensor a die temp, or does it depend on the specific MCU? My question is related to any MCUs that have on-board temp sensors, but specifically i'm using...
  6. E

    Assigning a non-local Ip address

    So I'm playing around with this arduino project: https://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/ethernet-temp-humidity Basically I can take temperature and humidity readings and calculate the dew point and have them displayed on the internet using an Ethernet shield. The problem is when I figured out...

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