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summing amplifer

  1. blueboy

    Phase Shift problem in audio equilizer

    Hello everyone, I am new to filter design and I want to design an audio equalizer. I used Sallen key topology design calculator from: http://www.changpuak.ch/electronics/Sallen_Key_Bandpass_light.php I designed five band bandpass filter having simple low pass and high pass for initial and final...
  2. Hackpenguin

    Can a summing amplifier work with a TL072 op amp

    I'm having problems with using a summing amplifier. I don't know if it's the chip or needs a ground that is both positive and negative. I'm using a jfet input OP amp, I think it doesn't need to be a jfet input,but that is the chip I have. Please someone help me

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