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  1. Q

    Fingerprint Module with Door lock Solenoid - Arduino Nano ..

    Greeting, Thank you for your support guys. I am a newbie to the Electronics, but I did read for a long time and search but this is my first circuit it may look easy for you but I need help. Here are two schematic and I need them to be joined together with Op protection and reverse voltage...
  2. B

    Unusual project, need an unusual solenoid

    Hi everyone, I'm building my own stop action magnets for a pipe organ. The actual action is effectively just a rod that will activate a reed switch when in the 'drawn' position, and deactivate in the 'pushed' position. I have that all under control. The difficult part is that the whole array of...
  3. K

    5-200hz, 12-22VDC, 500ma max., Adjustable Solenoid Driver Circuit / PWM input

    Hi All, First time post here. Hope you're all having a good weekend. I'm doing a little project with a small clapper solenoid. It's one of the 5.5lb 12VDC, .25A 20mmDia. units sold on ebay. (ZYE1 P20/15). Though I don't have this one yet, so can give you the coil resistance, I'm working with one...
  4. D

    remote release DIY 2 way radio- solenoid

    heres my project and or idea.... im trying to use a two way radio to signal another two way radio. i have 12 VDC magnetic solenoid thats hooked to a bird launcher(big sling shot used for training retrievers). when solenoid receives power it retracts in turn releasing the latch.... i have done...

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