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schmitt trigger

  1. Alex_bam

    Schmitt trigger based NAND gate

    Hello Everyone, If someone can help me to understand how to calculate the hysteresis of the Schmitt trigger-based NAND gate? Which MOSFET's dimension decides the Vth_H and Vth_L? Thanks.
  2. L

    Monitoring car battery strength using Schmitt Trigger circuit

    Hi, i am new in analog designs. Now, i am trying to design a circuit using STC(Schmitt Trigger Comparator) circuit to monitor the voltage level of a car battery which normally is around 12 volts. Im trying to use two LEDs,green and red, to indicate the voltage level of the car battery. If the...
  3. redling1370

    Help about threshold voltages for this schmitt trigger

    Hi, I have this circuit here and I want to know what are the threshold voltages and there derivation. This circuit is a bit similar to a circuit I did in the past but the equations still seem to elude me.
  4. J

    How to make flip-flop (frequency-divider) with schmitt inverter?

    Hi Ideally, i'm looking for a simple frequency divider that i can feed a square wave, using only schmitt inverters or schmitt NAND (just one if possible). Should work over a wide input-frequency range. The posts below provide a schematic for a so-called "flip-flop" (which i think is really a...
  5. C

    CD40106 Schmitt trigger not working

    I have recently been attempting to delve into the world of electronics and have been trying to build a very basic oscillator using the CD40106 chip. I have set up the circuit as follows: 9v to pin 14 pin 7 to ground 1 microfarad capacitor from pin 1 to ground 100k ohm potentiometer between pin...
  6. M

    Can't get this Schmitt trigger to work proberly !

    Hi everyone I have assembled this circuit http://www.ecircuitslab.com/2011/11/normally-chargers-available-in-market.html and after many trials I got it to partially work, the problem is that, I can't get the relay to de energize it's a 6v relay with coil resistance of 100 ohm (instead of the...

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