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  1. B

    Samsung Television Black Horizontal Lines and Double Images

    My Samsung TV (Model UN32EH5000) has horizontal lines across the top 25% of my screen and is showing double of the displays. I have attached pictures of both below. I have removed all inputs and it still is and issues and it happens whenever anything is plugged in to either hdmi port. Anyone...
  2. Whiskeyjack

    Help witch Samsung TV circuit board

    Can someone help me identify the correct locations here? I am trying to reset the eeprom. I need to jump the sda and the vcc ports. I am just afraid of jumping the wrong ones and causing a short. My best guess is this: Can someone please confirm or advise? Thanks a bunch Jamie
  3. D

    How to get around safeguard of the SAMSUNG HDD drives

    Hi, I would like to make a grinder from the old hdd drive. Like on this movie I only have SAMSUNG hdd's. Unfortunately they all have safeguard which stops the engine after few seconds. It is probably because circuit is not detecting any incoming data from the head since I have removed the...

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