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How to get around safeguard of the SAMSUNG HDD drives

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I would like to make a grinder from the old hdd drive. Like on this movie

I only have SAMSUNG hdd's. Unfortunately they all have safeguard which stops the engine after few seconds. It is probably because circuit is not detecting any incoming data from the head since I have removed the head. It would only disturb. I would like to use existing hdd circuit with some modifications (?)

On the video above someone bypassed safeguard by connecting 5V with something on the board using cable (older SAMSUNG hdd).

My hdd's have this board:

Engine is controlled by the HA13627 controller.

What can I do to prevent circuit from stoping the engine?

My thoughts:
1. May be there is a way to cross/apply voltage to some part and trick controller so it won't cut off power from the engine?
2. May be there is a way to cut/remove some parts of the paths so controller will not get the message to stop the engine?
3. May be there is a way to trick controller that it is getting data from the head by applying some voltage to the pins where the head was mounted?

Could someone help me with that. I have no clue how to approach this topic. I will be grateful for any help.


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Hi darthuggla,

Welcome to ETO: I see you are from Poland. In the town where I live there are many Polish people.:)

I can't answer your question about getting your Samsung disk to continually rotate, but I can tell you that using a hard disk drive as a grinder will probably not work:

(1) There is not enough power in the motor.
(2) The motor may burn out if you disable the protection
(3) The magnetic bearing will be wrecked by the force of grinding
(4) The debris from grinding will wreck the magnetic bearing.

The video that you posted is just a joke.:wideyed:




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Hi spec, thanks for your answer.

I don't think it is a joke please look here https://majsterkowo.pl/jak-zrobic-szlifierke-z-dysku-twardego/.

I need such a grinder for small home work like sharpening kitchen knives or grinding plastic elements.

I don't need much power from this grinder.

It would be nice to use old/broken hard drives which are useless on the shelf.
Hi darthuggla,

Thanks for reply. I do not read Polish so the video was not much help.

I am doubtful that a hard disk drive could sharpen a knife, for any length of time anyway.

But I have been known to be wrong.:D



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The author recognizes that limitation and mentions that some disks run for some 25 sec before stopping. He also recognizes the limited possibilities; eventually a pencil?!

Typical project to dedicate maybe two months, learn a few things....and forget in a drawer afterwards.

I would go to the data sheet to identify the signal you need.

Tony Stewart

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Use a DMM to measure voltages on the SOIC-8 chip and look for a logic signal that enables power to the motor. If none, the trace the signals to the other side and look for a logic signal to motor drive chip that does the same.


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If you don't find out how to trick the motor controller into staying on permanently, you could always buy one of these:

I have one and it spins up a hard drive motor & platters no problem.
I have not left it running for more than a couple of minutes though, as I just wanted to test it out and then come back to it to make a project at a later date.

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