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  1. J


    - At a given KV rating, will a motor with higher Watts have more torque? - At a given watts rating, will a motor with lower KV's have more torque? - Can we calculate KV from rpm and volts? Eg, 4900rpm/72V=68KV ?
  2. mojozoom

    Comparator help please -tach/shift light project

    My old car uses a 1mA current driven tach movement and the stock circuit isn't compatible with the MSD ignition box I use, and the adapter they sell to make the tach work buzzes like the dickens. So I worked up a tach circuit based on the current tach diagrams in the LM2907 datasheet that'll...
  3. D

    Find RPM of small fan using o-scope?

    This is my first post, so sorry if I'm noob-ish. I'm trying to figure out how to find the RPM of a small DC brushless fan. I'd like to try to get it figured out with an oscilloscope. I'm having a hard time finding a good way to do this. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could do this? I'm...

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