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rf signal

  1. Tharukasf

    simplest rf id

    hello, I hope to make a simple rfid that can transmit 20 different frequencies and receiver that can decode those signal transmitted from rfid. I hope that rfid without any transistor so i can design it very small I don't need it long range. I hope max 10 meter range. please post your Idea
  2. R

    wireless audio transmitters & receivers

    Hi, I'm wondering how many individual wireless transmitters/receivers (stereo or mono is fine) in theory can operate in short range (3 ft. max) next to each other without interfering dramatically (via RF freq. UHF, or any other freq. or means that would be wireless). Prefer a solution with...
  3. S

    Hypothesized Signal Leak

    Hi guys! I am a student doing an experiment on a two-dipole(transverse and longitudinal) antenna. Currently the set-up(in a metal cylinder) has an exposed top and i was hypothesizing that it has to do with the longitudinal wave experiencing higher crosstalk than the transverse wave being due to...

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