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  1. A

    SSR H-bridge motor control

    Good afternoon, I have little knowledge in electronics but I'm posting on behalf of my teammate. We have been given the task to design and build an electric wheelchair to satisfy a brief for a competition we are in. We have to build everything from scratch in a limited time window so everything...
  2. mbkitmgr

    Does this animal exist - Automotive 12v multi-channel relay

    By my post you will gather I have very little electronics experience. I am trying find a specific black box so please accept my apologies for the inaccurate descriptions/terminology. I own a Can-Am Spyder made by a Canadian company to which I have fitted their tow wiring harness kit to supply...
  3. J

    Wiring for Power Window Relays

    I am attaching a diagram of how I have wired the driver side window with relays. The problem is that although the relays are clicking when a ground is applied to pin 85, the windows are not moving. I previously wired power windows and I believe I used the same setup as shown in the attached...
  4. H


    Good Day, I have a 2005 Hyundai Getz 1.6 Automatic (South - Africa) I would like to know if there is anything in the car that is drawing direct power from the ignition wire (ON Position) without relays? Or is the Ignition wire just used to trigger relays. Thank you

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