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  1. B

    turn off two LEDs for 2 different alarms

    Hello! I have little experience with Arduino and I am trying to solve a problem. I am making an alarm using DS3231 and LCD1602 i2c, 2 LEDs and a pushbutton. For the first alarm the first LED is turning on, and when the pushbutton is pressed, the LED turn off. But for the second alarm, the second...
  2. sr13579

    How to make volume control buttons for Powerbeats 3

    I was given a powerbeats. I found that the speaker and the buttons are heavily damaged. But somehow I was succeded to connect it with a nother speaker. Again I found that the control buttons are not working. I found two wires connected with the control board to motherboard(the main receiver...
  3. djsfantasi

    Dual State Pushbutton, Debounced, using Interrupts for Arduino

    This routine is interrupt driven, and will detect either a short or long button press. It's return value is bit encoded and as such it is possible that both a long and short press can be detected. They are valid, since the press is debounced. The code is not optimized, but written for...

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