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power losses

  1. mading2018

    Power losses for half/full-diode-bridge ??

    Hello, I have some concern regarding an equation for calculating power losses for half - and full diode-bridge. Can someone please check if this equation is correct or not? See the attached image. " Fig. 1. Typical diode full-wave bridge. Full-wave diode bridges are found in many...
  2. mading2018

    Temperature with heatsinkcalculator software

    Hello :happy:, I have in the recent days tried to simulate the temperatures levels in a charger (AC/DC-module) in a Heatsinkcalculator software: https://www.heatsinkcalculator.com/version-2-1/demo-calculator.html Based on the power losses calculations for half-bridge, where we have two MOSFETs...
  3. mading2018

    Measure temperature and power losses?

    I know that it is possible to measure the power dissipation in LTspice according to this source: "To measure the wattage dissipation of a component , place the cursor on the components and press and hold down the ALT key, a thermometer cursor should appear. Read the Watts on the bottom screen...

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