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  1. Q

    16f877a gettin string from uart and need to convert them through ascii[SOLVED]

    hello everyone; im going to build a code file for my pic16f877a but i stacked and i need some help :) im want to build a code for get ascii via uart from pc. for example; im want to read a string from pc which is like "Q45" and then i want to convert it to ascii codes[example:Q-->81 , 4-->52 ...
  2. L

    Digital Clock Using pic16f877a and assembly language

    Hi i have been trying to do my homework i have described in title. I made some searches but i couldn't find a good solution. Can anyone help me for the project?
  3. S

    PIC16F877A Based Frequency Measurement

    Dear sir, I am trying to use CCP module of PIC16F877A uC in capture mode too read input frequency. I have written a small code for it but unfortunately its not working. Can anyone guide me what mistake am I making in it. Below is my code, Thanks. #include <htc.h> #include "LCD.h"...
  4. N

    Display number in a register on an LCD

    I am currently working with PIC microcontroller 16F877A. I am only allowed to work in Assembly (nothing high level like C). I have a number saved in a register. I need to display it on the LCD. I was thinking of separating the digits, then sending the ASCII value of each digit. The only issue...
  5. E

    MikroC help

    Hi guys, I'm kinda stuck with this code, it compiles without errors but I can't debugg it to know why it is not executing the part where it accepts passwords during simulation on proteus. What's it supposed to do? Turn off LEDs on port A when passcode is inputed. I've attached the proteus...

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