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    Can't get the OpAmp working

    Hi Guys I am working on a private project where I need to detect a blue light flashing up. But the OpAmp I am using is always on HIGH regardless of the brightness of the blue light. I have also tried various OpAmp circuits but they all resulted in the same. I've tried feedback resistors of up...
  2. W

    Model SPICE

    Hello there, I want to know where I can find a SPICE model for this phtodiode regular InGaAs photodiode IG17 here is datasheet https://www.lasercomponents.com/de/?embedded=1&file=fileadmin/user_upload/home/Datasheets/lc-ingaas/ig17-series.pdf&no_cache=1 . Thank you for understanding, Dragos.
  3. S

    Mitsubishi linear tracking turntable repair

    i have a 1981 Misubishi linear tracking turntable with photodiodes with code SP254FS. One is damaged and i am trying to source a modern equivalent. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Shaun
  4. D

    Photodiode current measurements

    I am trying to build transconductance amplifier circuit to obtain values of the reverse biased photodiode (PD) current in order to estimate some of the LED characteristics. At first, I have used the scheme named “Recommended Zero Biased Circuit” from page...
  5. R

    Need help selecting photodetector

    The photodetector is to be used to detect green light from an optical fiber (emitted by fluorecein, about 500nm). I have tried using this detector, but with no readings. This diode has a response of about 0.25 A/W at 500nm. This is the amplifier I have used (OPA27GP): Is there a better...

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