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pcb assembly

  1. I


    Hi, I burned an electronic component on a refrigerator card. Is there a chance someone knows what number is listed here? Or how can I find the full electric schema?
  2. G

    Electrical Over Stress - Looking your assistance to resolve the EOS issue in Automotive ECU

    Dear Friends, I am working in an Electronics Manufacturer service (EMS) and we do PCB assemblies for Automotive products (ABS). We are getting many field failures due to components burnt issue. Mostly like diodes, ASIC, MCU and FET components are getting damaged/burning in the field. Whenever...
  3. jamesbulini

    What do you think about this 3D model of PCB?

    Thanks for everyone help me.;);););) Now my new project 3D model is done. I build it with my teacher, and this project takes me a month to do it. Hooo! Feel free to leave a comment. :angelic::angelic::angelic::angelic::angelic::angelic:

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