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overvoltage protection

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    PSU(Meanwell IRM-01-5) protection

    Hello guys! Since i am new here first I would like to apologize if i did draw this schematic wrong(i.e. lines do cross, etc.).It is a few days that i am using this online editor so i am still in the learning process and need to gain a bit more expirience. I created followed circuit:555 timer...
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    Question concerning choice of NST for Spark Gap Tesla Coil

    I have been designing a spark gap tesla coil, so far trying to use what I have to save cost. I currently have a solid-state NST and I have read that they don't perform properly for Tesla coil applications (I imagine sudden current draws create back emf that is bad for the transistors?). I have...
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    Over voltage Protection Circuit without using Fuse

    Can anyone tell me how this circuit is working? I have taken this circuit from.. https://www.maximintegrated.com/cn/app-notes/index.mvp/id/760

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