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op amps

  1. sr13579

    How to make a 5 V 1A adapter with 741 op amp?

    I am stuck with this project here. I was trying to make a voltage controlled current source which can generate 1A with 5V. I used a digaram of 741. But it didn't work. Is there anyone who can help me with showing me a circuit that can work? Thanks.
  2. W

    DeltaT circuit using 10K thermistors to output 2-10vdc control voltage

    I need some help with a simple circuit - I want to convert the difference between 2 resistors (actually 10K thermistors) into a linear 2-10 vdc voltage output. If the resistances are the same, the output voltage is low, the greater the difference the higher the output voltage up to 10vdc. I am...
  3. P

    closed loop gain for op-amp circuit

    This circuit is a basic current source, with the current through RL = Vs/Rsense. With a circuit like this, for purposes of choosing the op-amp properly, what would the gain be? Some opamps are optimized for unity gain, some for gains > 5 or > 10. With a voltage-in, voltage-out circuit it's easy...
  4. atferrari

    Smoke test - intriguing outcome.

    Around six months ago I managed to burn my middle finger big time, by touching a TO220 transistor in a constant current source out of control. Yesterday I repeated the burning experience and dare to say the effect was even worst when testing the circuit here below. Both channels were...

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