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  1. D

    Stabilising supply of noisy DSO-2250 oscilloscope

    I've had a DSO-2250 9-bit/250MSps/60MHz scope for a decade, bought "new", and it's always had a large ripple voltage (about 1/3 of a division) overlayed on any signal. The ripple sometimes made the DSO barely usable. At some stage I put a filter on the USB cable inline with the power; this...
  2. A

    Stable DC power supply point for Ultra Low Noise Amplifier (ULNA)

    Hello good people, I need help. I'm posting a schematic of an ultra low noise amplifier. It is to be powered by batteries. For that reason, I need a stable DC solution in the place of R4 resistor. I was proposed to achieve that by using another JFET and an integrator circuit, but I am not...
  3. N

    Proximity alarm project

    Hey guys, new to this forum and would really appreciate your help :) I am making an alarm which will trigger a buzzer from about 30ft away and a noise which will help you find the object that you had lost. In perspective I am making a lost and found type of device. Whilst there are similar...
  4. W

    Noisy neighbours, replacing music with CB radio and linear amp

    I have neighbours from hell with music heard in the street 50 meters down the road, the authorities do nothing so I thought natural law and technology would help. Other forums give solutions, but miss full instruction, so I thought I would find technical forums and ask qualified people for there...
  5. Ragooman

    Rusty on Noise problems from SMPS

    I'm a little rusty on noise problems from switching power supplies. And I hope someone can offer some advice. There's this new system which relies on a small +12v smps. This system has a separate controller board mated with a motor controller using board connectors. And the 12v smps connects...
  6. G

    LTspice Thin Film Resistor Simulation

    Alright, my question is pretty simple to ask but perhaps rather difficult to solve. I am modelling in LTspice a channel of previous design and analysing various noise figure across the channel. Currently I am using the stock resistors supplied in LTspice. I was wondering if there is a way to...
  7. J

    Repairing a BWD 521 cathode ray Oscilloscope - no traces, hissing noise

    Hi all. I recently purchased a (obviously) second hand CRO oscilloscope. It worked fine for a couple of days, I was just getting used to it. Then one day, I left it on for 10 mins or so with both traces active on screen. A while later, I heard this high frequency hiss, so I switched it off. The...
  8. N

    DC fans creating electronic noise issue

    Hi! In order to cool a telcom device I am using 4x 12Vdc fans from Delta Electronics (the exact type is FFB0412VHN-F00). The fans have a 3-wire interface and I operate them by sending PWM pulses at their power supply wire. The pulses are generated from a PIC-microcontroller and are "converted"...

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