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    Help please, will this circuit work.

    Can anybody advise me if the circuit attached will function as required. The external timer supplies a 6 volt signal to the relay coil for between 3 & 9 seconds, this in turn drives the 12 volt motor for the 3 to 9 seconds & it also charges the 220uf capacitor. At the end of the 3 to 9 seconds...
  2. C

    Little help understanding CMOS circuit design.

    Question: Design a 3-input NOR gate. If the PMOS devices are half as conductive as the NMOS devices determine the correct transistor sizes. I understand how to design the pull up pull down circuit, just unsure about calculating the correct transistor sizes. Thanks
  3. S

    Is this Application Report Wrong?

    I have been looking into back-flow protection for batteries and chargers and invented this wonderful circuit, and as usual when you search you find that it has all been done before. Just so in this case and the circuit in Figure #5 of the application report linked below, not only uses a similar...

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