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    Replacing mechanical potentiometer with digital potentiometer for myRIO

    Hi, I wish to replace a mechanical potentiometer on a motor control board which is used to control the speed of a motor with a digital potentiometer. This will allow me to control the speed of the motor using LabVIEW on a PC. I have a myRIO 1900 series. I am looking for some help with the...
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    Controlling the speed of DC motor using a PC

    Hi, I am looking for help with the wiring involved with controlling the speed of a motor on LabVIEW through a PC rather than changing it manually on my motor control card. I currently have the motor running in both CW and ACW directions using LabVIEW. I know I must desolder the potentiometers...
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    Wiring an encoder to count rev/min

    Hi, I am looking for help with wiring a Hengstler Incremental Encoder to a National Instruments myRIO and a power source as part of a university project. The NI myRIO will be connected back to a PC using USB. The LabVIEW program will be used to to initially count the pulses/sec and then in turn...

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