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  1. sr13579

    How to add Next and Previous Button with Android's headset/earphones?

    I tried to figure out how to add different functionality with headset controller. So far I found how to make signals for volume up and down and play/pause. Now I want to add two switch which can do the next and previous operations. How am I supposed to do that?
  2. D

    Creating a Youtube Player for the Developmentally Disabled

    Hello, I am a member of a student group at my university that helps local non-profits with engineering projects. One of our projects is to make a Youtube player with a few large simple buttons that can be plugged into a hdmi port and automatically start playing Youtube videos from some channel...
  3. M

    Increasing a Dc Power Supply amperage output

    Hi members! Got an Adjustable DC Regulated Power Supply Model "Best PS-15014A", with current and voltage indicators and 2 output ranges : 0~15V, 0~1A and 0~7.5V, 0~0.5A using in particular a 220V~20VDC transformer and a power transistor TIP32A. Please help as how to convert My power supply...

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