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  1. N

    Microwave frequencies emitter circuit

    Hello, For my project I need to build a variable frequency emitter, with a frequency between 100MHz and 3500Mhz. I saw some simple RF circuits on the Internet but I don't think they can reach such high frequencies. Here is a circuit I've found : I don't need to transfer any information, so...
  2. M

    60Hz transformer and Lichtenberg figures (fractal burning)

    Background: A friend is looking to do some fractal burning (google it) (edit: also called Lichtenberg figure) and has salvaged a microwave oven transformer (MOT) for this purpose. However he likes to think big and isn't satisfied with the 2kV output so has asked me to look at increasing it. As...
  3. polashd

    Why Microwave oven transformer is welded?

    As I know transformer laminations should be insulated to minimize eddy current. If so, why microwave oven transformer E I cores are welded together!

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