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  1. sr13579

    How processing speed is changed automatically?

    Assume, we are playing a game and it needs 300 MHz processing speed. As we can see when we start a software or a game the processing speed increases.I have several questions to ask, 1. How a processor knows when to increase the clock speed? 2. And what does 2 GHz processor means? 3. Is it...
  2. Sandra James

    Need an Arduino Uno

    Hello everyone! I am looking for an Arduino Uno. If anyone has a used one, please contact me.
  3. G

    8085 microprocessor based CHESS CLOCK project

    Built an Intel 8085 microprocessor based project Chess Clock. Designed its schematic by means of Eagle software. Used Oshonsoft for coding the assembly language code. Project link: Kindly suggest any improvements by commenting here.

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