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8085 microprocessor based CHESS CLOCK project

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Built an Intel 8085 microprocessor based project Chess Clock.
Designed its schematic by means of Eagle software.
Used Oshonsoft for coding the assembly language code.

Project link:

Kindly suggest any improvements by commenting here.
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dr pepper

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The pcb looks ok.
How about some text on the screen to tell you who's playing, 'p1 playing' 'p2 playing' or something like that.
asm is a good thing to know, higher level languages such as C are quicker to develop, but slower run time.

schmitt trigger

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Indeed a nice looking project.
Eventually though, you should start looking at microcontrollers which incorporate the memory and peripherals within the chip itself.
Plus, there will be support for higher level languages that will make coding so much easier, that you'll be able to incorporate new features easily.
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