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  1. E

    Is true-RMS meter required for audio signals?

    I know what true-rms is, but I wonder if it is required to measure a real audio signal. With "real" I mean a mix of many frequencies, not just a test pure sine wave. I suppose an average meter should work fine, but I've got no true-rms to compare. Would an average and true-rms meters differ...
  2. mastro14720

    LED VU meter

    Hi everyone, I am wanting to build a project that uses LEDs to "dance" or react to music. Here is a YouTube video of what I'm aiming for. The IC I want to use for this is the LM3914. I've tested the chip using a potentiometer as a voltage divider (for the signal source) and it worked great...
  3. J

    Capacitance-Inductance meter without instruction manual. How I use it?

    I have bought a capacitance and inductance meter from a 2nd hand shop and there is not manual. So I don't know how to use it. I don't want to damage the device, so I have searched in the net and I have found some information about the mode 6243. My model is 6243+, so I attach some pictures and I...
  4. Clarkdale44

    Cheap AC clamp meter reading DC current?

    Hello As the title states, my ac only cheap clamp meter is reading dc currents when i am charging battery bank through an inverter... My inverter is rated to charge 12v 150Ah battery at 16 amps and during charging when i put the clamp meter on the red battery charging cable, the meter shows...
  5. Clarkdale44

    Should i buy Watt Meter (aka killawatt) or regular Clamp on meter to determine the device wattage?

    Hello As the title says i need to know what should i buy? which one would give me the most accurate reading? I want to know how much power my appliances consumes, tv, washing machine etc.... Also i need to buy a new ups for my PC so just wants to know how much power my pc eats. I have a 500W...

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