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magnetic fields

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    Magnetic Pendulum

    I'm trying to make a magnetic pendulum circuit for a holiday decoration, and I need some help. I found this circuit online (see attached JPG), but the circuit behavior is not consistent and it rarely works correctly. Most of the time, the coil is ALWAYS on (rather than momentarily on when the...
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    Why does my computer have high magnetic fields - only in certain houses?

    I sometimes use a gaussmeter to measure the magnetic fields around my computer, keyboard, mouse, and headphones (all wired directly into the computer). The strange thing is that in some houses I've lived, there's virtually no magnetic field at all, while in other houses, there's an extremely...

    Magnetic Fields on a CRT

    Was playing around with some old CRT's over the weekend, and trying to convert one as a simple oscilloscope. Well I got a bit side tracked as I had one TV smoking when I disconnected the horizontal coils. So ended up repairing the TV, one bulged capacitor and two resistors fried, which were in...

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