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lithium ion

  1. Danirov

    TP4056:Disconnect load while charging and avoid battery discharge below 3v

    Hello everyone. I would be very grateful if you can help me with this circuit I am working on (sch.png). It consists of a TP4056 charger/controller (Photo 2) connected to a 3.7v/3Ah Lithium Ion battery to supply a low battery level indicator, and a load (three white leds and two fans) through a...
  2. L

    Build Your Own Custom Voltage (12 Volts Default) Lithium ion Battery Bank

    I have made a video on Youtube about the prototype of a high-quality battery bank that I have developed and tested over more than 6 months now. It is Lithium-ion battery-based and the current prototype uses a 4s combination. I have built it to output dual 12 volts and each output can deliver up...
  3. C

    Homemade Lithium ion battery bank questions

    Hello all, I'm new here. I'm seeking knowledge and advice about a Lithium ion battery bank that I made. I got these batteries from work out of a device that we replaced the batteries on. It is a somewhat proprietary battery as it is made specifically for this device and not open to the general...
  4. S

    Converting a yacht to electric propulsion - maximise hydro generation

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of converting a sailing vessel to electric propulsion and need some assistance/ideas on generating maximum power for battery charging. Details of the system Motor - 48v 20kw motor Battery - 32 x 400ah 3.2v LiFeP04 cells - Connected in series/parallel for 51.2v...
  5. mheruian

    In-depth Battery Knowledge inquiry

    Hi, I'm new to electronics and I've been starting a project of my own which is a charger (since i though i should start first at power electronics since its all about electricity before pursuing switching electronics or automation). I had previously created a charging system (using the li-ion...
  6. jourylek

    Max charging current lithuim 3s6p

    First of all let me introduce myself, I'm an electrical engineering student in college. I've been working my whole life with electronics but this is my first experience with 18650 batteries. I've made my own 50W high power flashlight and it's working nice off of wall power. However, I want to...
  7. mvictoras

    Help with mc34063a

    Hi, first of all let me say that I am a software engineer and have no experience in electrical engineering, so some of the below questions may sound stupid. I am learning electronics for some of my side projects and would need a little help! I am powering up 13 vibration motors (28822) from a...

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