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  1. P

    Switching from 6 to 3 apa106 leds - issues

    Hi Everyone! I have reached a point of semi-desperation with a project on which I am working for over a year now. There is one issue I doesn't seem to be able to fix. I have a nixie clock pcb which drives 6 apa106 rgb leds. I am trying to wire it up to be able to turn off three of these leds...
  2. M

    IR LED Powering Circuit - Design Viability Check Needed

    I have been tasked with designing and building a device that will use a .4V Peak to Peak amplitude voltage source to power 5 IR LED's in parallel. I have attached my design schematic, which includes a low pass filter amplifier with a cutoff frequency of 120Hz and a gain of 101 (though the opamp...
  3. D

    Driving 6 White LEDs with 4 AAA Batteries

    I have a project I was messing with that will use 4 AAA batteries (1.5V each so 6V in series). I will have a PIC10F200 that will turn on 6 white LEDs (20mA, Vf ~ 3.2V). I haven't ever used alkaline batteries so wasn't sure what the best way to do this would be. I am a little space limited. The...
  4. H

    sync bass with subwoofer

    Hello, I thing this is the right /r/ to ask this. I have a HTiB and I want to make 2 led strips with ~6 meters blink with bass. I have done some tests with my old subwoofer (logitech z5500) and I noticed that as the bass goes deeper, I got distorsions... I have read that we can use an amp to...
  5. AndrianStoychev

    Sound Reactive LEDs in portable speaker

    Hi guys im really new to electronics I have some very basic knowledge , I am good at making soldering a schematic but almost no idea what does what and why. Im a DIY fan and love doing some small projects (sound related mostly)like a "Car stereo 2.1 home audio system powered by a PC PSU " and my...

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