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  1. Tanmay_Karmakar

    How to define an array of binary 8 bit numbers in keil?

    I've tried putting suffix 'y' followed by binary numbers within an array in header file but "syntax error near 'y', expected '}' " appear. Kindly ignore the first array of the attachment. extern unsigned int A[8]={ 00111100y, 01100110y, 01100110y, 01111110y, 01100110y, 01100110y, 01100110y};
  2. tom xiao

    A kind of SWD & JTAG Isolater

    Hi, I designed a kind of SWD & JTAG Isolater for Jlink & STLINK, for online debugging. This may keep person and PC USB port from PCB board burning. Can be used in Motor Control, Digital Power and some high-voltage applications. IDE: Keil, IAR, Jflash, STM32 ST-LINK Utility; SWD: 2MHz; JTAG: 6MHz;
  3. A

    timestamp from a microcontroller in millisecond

    I am doing a project in keil uvision. I need to send timestamp from microcontroller (stm32f103rbt6) in Milliseconds to check events using C. I already found a program similar to this n it`s already in seconds n i need to change it from seconds to millisecond. i am new to microcontroller...

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