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impedance matching

  1. N

    Impedance Matching Transformer

    Hi I am in search of commercially available impedance matching transfer with following characteristics: 1. Input Impedance = 50 ohm, Output Impedance =25 ohm 2. Operating Frequency Range: 400 -450 KHz 3. Signal type : Pulsed CW/Linear or Hyperbolic Frequency Modulated 4. Power Handling...
  2. riccardo

    Impedance Matching an audio amplifier to a transformer

    Hi, I have a 40W audio amplifier which is designed to drive speakers down to 4 ohms. I also have a power transformer which obviously behaves nothing like a speaker. If I hook the amp directly to the transformer, it sort of works, but will trip the protection circuits much of the time. If I add...

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