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  1. J

    Problem trying to send several bytes using I2C, TM4C123 biard

    Hi all, I am asking for your help because I am trying to send several bytes using the I2C protocol in a program wich makes use of 2 I2C modules, and looks that it gets stuck after sending the first byte when checking the BUSY bit in I2CMCS. The board I am programming is the TM4C123GH6PM. Here...
  2. S

    Stm32f103c8 microcontroller i2c speed

    I recently bought a monochrome oled 0.96 inch and after hooking it upto to the stm32(blue pill) board, i noticed that the refresh rate was quite slow. I tested out the display with an arduino nano, but the nano's refresh rate was a lot faster. I programmed them both using arduino ide. Is there...
  3. G

    dsPIC33CH128MP508 PIM I2C Coms Issue

    HW: Explorer 16/32 ver3, 8MHz, PIC33CH128MP508 PIM SW: MPLABX v5.3, MCC, XC16, terminal via UART1/mini USB Slave: BNO055 Absolute Orientation Sensor Aims: Output BNO055 data to terminal via UART. PIN Config: Debug (PGEC2 dp 45, PGED2 dp 43). I2C (SCL dp 60, SDA dp 61). UART (Tx dp 50 - pp 49...
  4. O

    UART or I2C sensor version?

    Hello! The tfmini is an IR lidar sensor. There is a UART and an I2C version, quite at the same price. For my project, I need 2 tfmini hooked up to an Arduino UNO with a +/- 1m cable. I've been doing some tests with 2 tfmini UART versions and it works fine following the example...
  5. riccardo

    MCP45HVX1 Digital POT and SH1106 OLED Display both on I2C

    Hello, I am having a problem using an MCP45HVX1 digital pot and a common SH1106 OLED display together on the same bus. Using an Arduino; If I talk to the display, sometimes the POT will glitch, and if I talk to the POT, the screen gets messed up. Below is a simple sketch which should slowly...
  6. D

    Control I2C Relay device from longer distances

    I need to Control I2C Relay device switching with 2 ESP8266, As I have to use wired connection and control the relay from 40 m distance from every ESP8266. According to some suggestion, I should be using I2C extender but how much far we can use these extenders and is there any other way also...
  7. D

    Create the power supply for ESP8266 and I2C module sensor

    Require circuit Suggestion to make the special power supply for ESP8266 connected with I2C module - https://dcubestore.com/product/sht31-humidity-and-temperature-sensor-%C2%B12rh-%C2%B10-3c-i2c-mini-module/, I want to connect it with ESP32 which also provides the power to sensor module , Any...
  8. 3

    I2C display doesn't give an acknowledge

    Hello everyone! I've got a NHD-C160100DiZ-FSW-FBW display and a Simcom sim5360 module. The display is connected correctly - that is for sure. I tried to get connected using a datasheet example (using Lua language), but the display doesn't get ACK-bit - the SDA line is staying HIGH. Here is a...
  9. Mosaic

    ESp8266 and PIC16F I2C combo

    Hi all: Spent a lot of hours debugging i2c comms between a 16F886 and ESP12e using a 24LC256 i2c EEPROM as a bridge.:grumpy: The data transfer involved the PIC getting a few Kbytes serially over a USB/CP2102 bridge and converting it on the fly to I2C via 64byte page writes to the EEPROM using...

    1-Wire sensors randomly failing

    Hi, i'm having a wired problem. I have a custom made telemetry equipment: it consists basically on a pic32 microcontroller (Pinguino board), a SIM900 modem, in I2C 16x2 LCD and a DS2482 1-wire to I2C bridge. The DS2482 chip is connected to a (multiple) DS18B20 temperature sensor 1-wire network...

    I2C to Onewire problem

    Hi, i'm working with pic32 and I2C, specifically DS2482 I2C to OneWire chip. I'm reading some DS18B20 Onewire temperature sensors, everything works fine, except under certain contitions (randomly), sometimes it seems onewire bus stops responding. Now I'm checking the code to see if everything is...
  12. B

    HundaTech 4.3" I2C TFT Display Please Help

    Hi I hava a HundaTech 4.3" I2C TFT Display (Link Below) and want to display value read from the analog pin of my arduino DUE. The communication config i using is I2C Has anyone successfully managed to get the display on the lcd...

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