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heating element

  1. L

    Trademark looking for an engineer

    Hi, Our Trademark is currently designing a pair of "Powered heated Winter horse riding boot". We are looking for someone with experience to customize the right heating element/battery/selector etc. If you think you can help us don't hesitate to contact us via email at ...
  2. P

    Sample heating/cooling system

    Hello everyone! I'm currently an intern at the Vilnius University Laser Research Center and I must develop a small dimension (aprox~40mmx60mmx5mm) sample heating/cooling system with a temperature range of -2ºC up to 150ºC for my setup. I was thinking of a single peltier element to achieve this...
  3. A

    Question About Current Draw From Peltier Element

    I have a TEC1 - 12706. Specifications detail Imax at 6 amps. I would like to run five of these elements in parallel but my bench top supply can't supply the current needed ( I'd like about 5 amps each). I do however have a 600W power supply unit designed for PCs. The PSU has a single 12V rail...
  4. J

    How to stick 2 pieces of plastic using heat?

    I would like to know how can I stick 2 pieces of plastic using some kind of hardware that produces heat. I have 3 components: 1 flat copper coil and 2 flat pieces of plastic (I have to decide the material). The question is how is it possible to join the 2 plastics using heat. I know there are...
  5. Matienzo

    How to properly power a heating element to stay within a range?

    Hello everyone! The title pretty much says it. I'm using two heating elements to heat up a vessel of about 4 in^3 and this is the way I'm thinking about doing it. (senior ME student here so please easy with the jargon) So here is the way I'm wiring the thingy: The problem with this setup...
  6. M

    carbon fiber fabric as heating element

    Hello, I have seen a couple projects on this website posted by folks trying to use carbon fiber fabric as an heating element, hopefully one more won't be too much of a bother... My project would consist of using carbon fiber tape 1m (l) x 51mm (w). One provider of a similar tape has posted that...
  7. Matienzo

    Glowing Nichrome project. But it is not glowing.

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a Nichrome wire to glow. I took apart a electric lighter (first 2 pics) to see how it works and it seems like the battery is connected directly to the Nichrome wire. But when I try to connect a Nichrome wire twice as long but the same gauge as the one in the...
  8. A

    :)urgent urgent urgent ; Heating element voltage

    Hello I have 220v 1200watt water heating element and I want to convert it and use 12v battery about 120watts 10 amps . our heating element is different I guess from yours but the idea is connecting the 12v wires dirictely to the copper pipe , it didn't work no heat any ideas? Another thing I...
  9. D

    Low voltage, low temp DC heating element

    Hi all, I put together a few basic circuits back in college, but don't really remember much. I'm trying to figure out how to make a heating element that can be powered by a battery and used to wrap around a container and keep it just a few degrees above freezing. I'll probably add in...

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