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gsm module

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    Circuit Design Help (Smart Nortfication System)

    I need to design notification system for my third-year of collage Project ideas; Should be able to post new notifications on website(mobile App) Should be able to send notification as text messages to members who don't have internet access Can any one help me where to start
  2. S

    I wanna GSM + MCU combo board

    Hi, I need a GSM + MCU combo board for making one POC. Arduino based preferred. Kindly anyone helps me out or suggest some solution for it so looks smaller in size also
  3. H

    I'm trying to create a energy grid monitoring system using Arduino

    Im attempting to use Arduino connected with a GSM shield connected to power grid. The objective is to deploy the unit all over the city so that data can be received in almost real time so that power status can be known. I need to understand what chip can I connect with my Arduino so that I...
  4. A

    Difference between modems, modules and mobiles

    I have came across an article on gsm module in which they have given the differences between modems, modules and mobiles. I need more information about it for completing my thesis on it. Please help me.
  5. C

    Send email (SSL) with SIM800 or SIM900 GSM Modules

    Hello Has someone been able to send an email with SIM900 or SIM800L modems ? I have SIM800L with firmware B04 that supports SLL. I'm trying to send an email with AT Commands but i always get the error code +SMTPSEND : 62 Can someone show me the commands to success, as a try i would like to...

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