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frequency generator

  1. J

    Which frequency generator do you recommend me?

    Hi, I am just looking for a frequency generator that is capable to output sine wave at some kilohertzs (over 50 khz) and 12 volts. I had one but I gave to a friend, so I want to purchase a new one and I have seen some one on eBay, but I'm afraid of buy a very bad one. I want to spend around 30...
  2. J

    How to create multiple simultaneous signal sources from a single reference source?

    I wanted to build a circuit which would produce a set of signals of different frequencies in different channels simultaneously using a single reference source. I also want the frequencies to be changeable. I am looking to generate frequencies in kHz and MHz range. On searching on the web I came...

    For a better sine wave

    Hello sir, This post might be a silly one, but my stupid brain does not find it well. I am looking for a signal generator circuit to fed different frequencies in other circuit. I have found one, take a look But, the person who posted this did wrong on inverting and non inverting sign...
  4. J

    20V, 200Hz, sinewave AC output.

    Hi guys. I'm not really good at designing a circuit but I desperately need a design that can output 20VAC and 200Hz sinewave signal to be used for another laboratory work. Could you please recommend me schematics since I do have a background in reading and making circuit boards. thank you so...

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