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fm transmitter

  1. hesam_m

    Easy to build digital coil-less (100KHz step size) FM transmitter

    An FM transmitter is one of the most popular devices between electronic hobbyist, professionals and even non-technical people. In this article, we gonna learn to how to build an easy, stable and digitally controllable FM transmitter. For this design, I have selected the VMR6512 module which...
  2. hesam_m

    All-in-one stereo audio FM transmitter with RDS/RBDS data transmission capability

    FM transmitters/receivers are one of the top favorite circuits of every electronic designer. An FM transmitter is one of the first circuits that an electronic enthusiast decides to build. For this purpose, instead of using discrete components and building one of the traditional transmitter...
  3. L

    Weird static in the Bluetooth FM transmitter

    I have a Bluetooth->FM transmitter that plugs into the cigarette lighter receptacle. In one particular car, it starts producing loud static over the music whenever the car hits a small bump. If I then remove the transmitter and plug it back in, the static is gone until the next bump or rapid...
  4. C

    Sound Quality of Music Through House FM Transmitters

    Just to see how these things work, I purchased this inexpensive Sain Sonic CZH-05B FM Transmitter. It appears to work just fine. I tried to do some direct testing of sound quality by transmitting an uncompressed wave music file of the same song playing on the professional radio station just to...
  5. ElectroMaster

    FM Transmitter (#1)

    This circuit is a simple two transistor (2N2222) FM transmitter. No license is required for this transmitter according to FCC regulations regarding wireless microphones. If powered by a 9 volt battery and used with an antenna no longer than 12 inches, the transmitter will be within the FCC...
  6. D

    900 MHz FM transmitter

    I bought a couple of wireless speakers that work through receiving 900 MHz, but the transmitter is missing so I would like to build a transmitter. But, I don't really know where to start. Will anyone give me some guidance? Treat me like the amateur that I am.
  7. C

    500 watt fm transmitter

    Hi all I brought a 500 watt rf amp pallet and power supply and a 5 watt fm transmitter had it put together in a case and a fm antenna that's 88mhz-108mhz same as the fm transmitter. I will like to know how many miles can I broadcast with that? I need to know also is there a equipment I can use...

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