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    Microcontroller interfacing with NAND flash memory

    Hello, I am working with TOSHIBAs NAND flash memory. I am using standard SPI protocol to communicate with it. The datasheet is in the link below. I am trying to understand and solve two problems: 1. I do not understand what exactly is the column address of a NAND flash memory. On page 4 of the...
  2. J

    Chip reader for NAND Flash RAM?

    Hi everyone... I'm trying to do some data recovery on my tablet. It's an Android Nexus 7 which has something like Hynix H26M64002DQR as its NAND Flash RAM. If I pay a data recovery company, it would cost quite a bit. So I'm thinking of doing the recovery myself as a hobbyist. If I desolder the...
  3. U

    Reaction timer

    Hi, I don't have very much experience, and I am more than willing to do the research to complete my project. If I can get some assistance into the right direction I would greatly appropriate it. I'm would like to build a circuit with 5 LEDs that randomly flash for .25 sec to 1 sec +/-. With...
  4. M

    Make LED's Steady Or Flash

    completely new to this kind of stuff so be gentle. my company has a lighting product that we are looking to modify so it can be a steady light or flashing, right now it's just steady and I'm having trouble finding information about how to do this. I did a quick search on here before posting...

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