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  1. B

    Unusual project, need an unusual solenoid

    Hi everyone, I'm building my own stop action magnets for a pipe organ. The actual action is effectively just a rod that will activate a reed switch when in the 'drawn' position, and deactivate in the 'pushed' position. I have that all under control. The difficult part is that the whole array of...
  2. sr13579

    How to make an oscillator for AM Radio with Arduino?

    Is it possible to make an oscillator for AM radio with Arduino UNO R3? What should be the code? How am I supposed to make a full wave square wave oscillator with Arduino?
  3. A

    How to activate 12V/2A electromagnet with 5V (USB power) each 60 minutes?

    Hi all, I feel like I am stuck because don't know how to solve following "simple" solution: Somehow I have to (each 60 min) activate 12V/2A electromagnet, with 5V input voltage (tipical PC USB (5V/100mA). 5V is powering microcontroller, and with that microcontroller, each 60 min I have to...
  4. Triumph Herald

    Advice to speed up the decay time of an electromagnet when it is turned off please.

    Hello All, I have an electromagnet made from a Microwave oven transformer. I am only using the coil with the thicker wire. I've separated the transformer core into the "E" shaped bit and the "keeper" shaped bit and removed the other coil. When I turn the current off, I would like the attractive...

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