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  1. S

    Altium Cicuit Maker?

    I know that there is a wealth of useful information on this forum about the various ECADs: Altium Designer. Eagle, Proteous, ORCAD... but with the change of ownership of EAGLE, which is the most widely used ECAD for home use, I am reevaluating the various free packages. One package of interest...
  2. S

    EAGLE aquired by Autodesk

    Have you heard that EAGLE has recently been squired by Autodesk of AutoCAD fame. I just wounder what implications that will have for EAGLE, although Autodesk have stated that a free version of EAGLE will still be available. It would be great if Autodesk tidied EAGLE up a bit but kept it's...
  3. delta-9

    Clone PCB's and Forum Rules

    Where is the boundary of forum rules, when asking questions regarding recreating/altering a circuit from an electronic product that somebody never designed. Is it ok to get advice or assistance in relation as long as not posting full schematics or routing. Google search of legalities of pcb...
  4. delta-9

    CadSoft EAGLE, complex custom pad shapes.

    Hi, how would one produce this custom pad shape, in eagle pcb designer. All I could find was a video of simple, 90deg polygon shapes. The design is a cutout on pcb edge for a switch, the area needs to be filled. any solutions. thanks
  5. G

    8085 microprocessor based CHESS CLOCK project

    Built an Intel 8085 microprocessor based project Chess Clock. Designed its schematic by means of Eagle software. Used Oshonsoft for coding the assembly language code. Project link: Kindly suggest any improvements by commenting here.

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