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    1-Wire sensors randomly failing

    Hi, i'm having a wired problem. I have a custom made telemetry equipment: it consists basically on a pic32 microcontroller (Pinguino board), a SIM900 modem, in I2C 16x2 LCD and a DS2482 1-wire to I2C bridge. The DS2482 chip is connected to a (multiple) DS18B20 temperature sensor 1-wire network...
  2. GraffZeppelin

    DS18B20 > OneWire > PIC18F4550 > code query

    Hello all, In the last three days I was struggling to read temperature data from a single DS18B20 when using non-parasitic OneWire protocol and a PIC18F4550. Finally I had a break-trough (at least I think I have), when I decided to take baby steps and : 1. Read a presence pulse; 2. Read device...

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