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  1. jamesbulini

    How to draw a drill hole on the PCB board?The problem is weak. Please don't laugh.

    I am a rookie, just started to learn PCB drawing, using Altium Designer 13. I had a problem: I had to drill a hole in my board, just a physical hole, without electrical properties, not the kind of pad. At first, because I didn't understand, so. 1. I drew a circle on the schematic Drill Drawing...
  2. C

    Homemade Multi Drill

    Hi, I'm thinking of making a multi drill for wood drilling, that uses anywhere from 6 to 9 9V or 12V DC motors. These motors would be wired in parallel, with one battery source. I'd mount a drill chuck on each of the motors shafts for a drill bit. Now, I need a little bit of help from you. Do...
  3. R

    Old makita 18v lithium rechargeable drill too fast

    Old Makita drill to fast for some applications I need to be able to slow it down but also keep it on high speed to do two things at once but I can't afford the new one that does that already is there some way I can slow down without draining the battery down so I can still use it fast as well...
  4. S

    Why do electric motors burn out

    Hi all, Can anyone explain why some motors regularly burn out, I am thinking specifically about electric hand drills and to a lesser extent angle grinders. I know how they burn out- normally the insulating varnish on one of the coils breaks down and creates a short- I think that is right. If...
  5. S

    Small Drill Press

    A small drill press is essential if you are making printed circuit boards or custom tag-boards where fine twist drills of typically 0.8mm and 1 mm are used. A standard drill press is a bit bulky and typically does not have a sufficiently high speed or suitable chuck for small drills. And hand...

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