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digital clock

  1. J

    [Solved] AND as logic switch?

    Hi Based on the logic table for AND gates, i should be able to use either as a simple digital switch. That is, say input 1 is running at 40khz, and input 2 is 1 Hz. Then, every second, our output should toggle between 0 for half a second, then 40kHz for half a second. Correct...
  2. Rahul G

    Building a Digital Clock using 74HC393 and 7447 and 555 timer

    Hey, I am completely new at building these circuits, and dont know anything at all about ICs. I ended up ordering the wrong parts than what I needed, and have 10 IC 74HC393 and 10 IC 7447 and a couple of other IC's which are gates. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out and...

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